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The exciting Wellbeing Room E.K. next door to the Aurora Studio.

In room (1) It has amazing Hair Stylists and a top quality Barber.

In room (2) It provides a wide & varied selection of Pop Up Workshops. 

Hair Stylists Natalie, Michelle and Gillian give cutting-edge hair styling and colour application services based on your hair care needs. They have extensive knowledge of the latest and contemporary hairstyling techniques and methods. They are committed to providing all aspects of hairdressing services with a personalised approach. Natalie, Michelle & Gillian are recognised for their excellent customer care... clients can sit back and enjoy optimum relaxation in a friendly & welcoming environment.


Salah provides a skilled barbering service second to none. He is dedicated to empowering men to look and feel fantastic, to give them the confidence and self-esteem to take on any situation in their stride. Although men are often the focus when it comes to barbering, he promotes kids are an equally important part of his client base, if they are nervous or if its their first cut he provides lots of reassurance and ensures they enjoy  a special and exciting haircut experience tailored just for them. 














The pop up Workshops include...



Arts & Crafts  


Seasonal Craft Fairs

 Healing & Empowerment Circle

Stretch & Meditation Class

Investing in your own growth & self development isn't selfish its SELF - CARE!

Learn to believe in yourself, your value & worth.

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