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Aurora Healing & Empowerment Circles are hosted by Jean & Jodie (mother and daughter), they have developed a unique approach that encourages individuals to come together in a supportive and inclusive space. To help unlock their potential for personal and collective transformation. 


They promote healing in – mind - body - soul. The Circles allow you to step  into a safe and accepting environment in which each of you can explore your own healing. 


With an open heart, you will have opportunities to access your own inner guidance to understand where the greatest healing, in mind - body - soul can occur. With open minds, you work together to discover the best ways to remove obstacles to healing, and deepen your capacity to heal.

You further experience methods that help you re-claim your power, to stand in authenticity. Methods that help you break old habits and create new ones, so that you can: be yourself without hiding parts, feel confident to communicate your feelings. You will reconnect with values and discover strengths. An important aspect is that you will have opportunities to recognise your  potential and inner power.  Self-Empowerment will lift you into a gratitude vibe.  Focusing on gratitude helps  maintain a positive & growth mindset and you start to recognise the good in your life, even when facing challenges.




Connects you to Inner Guidance - Better Self-Awareness - A Deeper Understanding - Inspiration - Greater Focus - Clarity - Healthier Connections - Insight - Renewed Balance - Freedom from Anxieties & Fears - Empowerment - Gratitude - Intuitive Compass - Raised Consciousness 


Letting Go - Centering - Grounding - Shielding - Shadow Work - Discovering Values & Strengths - Visualisation - Guided Meditation - Creative Movement - Muscle Testing Technique - Laughter Therapy - Conscious Breathing  -  Intuition Development - Reiki - Sound Healing - Colour Connections - Gratitude Vibe - Affirmations

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