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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as ‘SMP’ is increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative for or a complement to hair transplants. It is a non-invasive treatment designed for both men and women who may suffer from signs of hair loss including the following;


✅ Alopecia

✅ Thinning hair

✅ Pattern baldness

✅ Receding hairlines

✅ Scar tissue coverage from accidents and or operations. Or from hair transplants FUE/FUT scaring. 


Often referred to as ‘hair tattooing’ Scalp Micropigmentation gives the illusion of a fuller, thicker head of hair without the need for wigs, toupees or hair transplants.


It’s a safe non-surgical treatment with similar techniques used for tattooing. However, this  procedure  involves making tiny incisions using specialised micro sized needles to deposit pigment into the the dermal layer of the scalp (the layer of the skin below the outer layer) to replicate the image of hair follicles using dot work with pigment to match the natural hair colour. 


Thinning hair will be camouflaged by this treatment giving a fuller look and baldness is guaranteed to give the illusion of a ‘buzz cut/shaved hair’ which will  rejuvenate your appearance making you look & feel younger by bringing your hairline back. 


SMP is a confidence boosting treatment, as well as helping mental wellbeing, self esteem and anxiety. 

If you want guaranteed results that look natural  & actually relieve the frustrating effects of hair loss Scalp Micropigmentation is the choice for you. 


Prices vary depending £400-£1600. 

> Spread cost with instalments. Speak to us about a payment plan. 

> 1 year guarantee with all treatments 


❤️ We are a family run business. Don't pay high street prices for the same quality of results. 


Send us your scalp photos or book in now for your consultation & free quotation. 


☎️ 01355 570979

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