Our journey started...

With a mothers inspiration. Over 35 years ago Jean first recognised the benefits of unlocking hidden talents & abilities when she started questioning the pattern her life was following and why. For Jean it was a rewarding time of self-refelection and re-discovery.


She started to look at her life from a Holistic viewpoint. It set the course for personal and professional development Jean gained qualifications in:

  • Psychology for Counselling

  • Crisis Counselling

  • Social Care

  • Client Psychology and Motivation

  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition/Weight Management 

  • BA in Applied Social Studies.


Jean quickly recognised that everyone has their own individual potential this is why she choose  to synthesise her own varies life skills with positive empowering techniques. The outcome was a unique holistic life coaching format.  She later along with her two daughters Jodie & Jade decided to integrate their combined knowledge and skills and the Aurora, Beauty, Health & Wellbeing Studio was founded. Its a  relaxing and uplifting environment where New treatments are continually added, and a great team all work together to  build a good client relationship & to provide a unique holistic service that nurtures  every clients wellbeing.

 Jodie always knew what she wanted to do, even as a child she enjoyed helping others feel good about   themselves.  She knew her chosen field of work  and started her journey by building her knowledge base   and skills via gaining qualifications and working in a variety of settings to build experience & create an   impressive professional portfolio.

 She has developed many of her own therapies and was the inspiration behind 'Sparkles 'Aurora's Glitter   Bar where children and adults both enjoy getting their sparkle on!


 In 2015 Jodie along with her mother Jean developed the Fitwalk Club, Jodie enjoys being the lead Coach and   promotes walking as a great way to boost your wellbeing.


 Jodie has an HND in Beauty/Holistic Therapy and a second HND in Make-Up Artistry. In addition she   has several other complimentary qualifications and now as a qualified Teacher/Trainer she will share her knowledge and skills via a wide & varied selection of "Aurora Training" courses


Jodie has built an extensive clientele some have been with her since she started her first work position 19 years ago.  We all view this as a testimony not only to Jodie's professional skills but also to the nature of her caring & supportive character.  Jodie ensures all Aurora clients are treated as VIP's. Aurora guarantees her students will be given an in depth top quality training & learning experience.

Jade has always had a real love of art and all things creative. The opportunity to combine her skills/knowledge with her mother and sister gave her a fantastic foundation to use her creativity and for it to flourish.

Jade is a qualified: Gym Instructor - Exercise to Music Instructor - PILATES Instructor


She continues to enjoy being creative and  puts this into practice via the development of her personal Coaching Classes. JJade is qualified in : Pre & Post Natal Exercise - Kettle bells


It was Jade's passion for Art that was the motivation behind her University experience, where she achieved a: BA in Fine Art.


She then chose to train in Colour Analysis and as a Nail Technician, she provides clients with a wide range of designs and her own unique nail-art. She is also qualified in: Semi Permanant Eye Lash Extensions.

Jade really enjoys keeping all of Auroras clients updated via our social media sites, feedback from this is always fabulous and it helps us stay in touch with clients interests and needs. We are always developing & becoming more digital. 


Jade  introduced a NEW Treatment into Aurora and is the first person in East Kilbride to provide ScalpMicroPigmentation. It is also known as ‘SMP’  and is increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative for or a complement to hair transplants. Check out our SMP page.

Aurora is founded on a strong set of beliefs and values we believe it is important to always give something back and to help others. We value all of our CLIENTS and our TEAM to ensure a top quality service we maintain continued professional development and always listen to our clients.


We believe is is important to support our local and wider community through donation and fund raising events.