EXCLUSIVE to Aurora 

Massage & Facials  (Developed by Jodie)

‘Duo Deluxe’ Massage (Two Therapists) – A whole new experience!

The duo deluxe is a full body treatment where two professional therapists use acupressure, slow and medium stokes, gentle muscle compression to ease away muscular aches, tension and tiredness.  Jodie has cleverly combined Aromatherapy, Swedish, Sports/Deep Tissue, No Hands and Hot Stones massage techniques to create her own unique therapy.  This experience is intense and holistic, placing body and mind state of deep contentment and relaxation.


  • Full Body - £75 (1hr 15mins - Includes back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, scalp, facial & foot treatment)


‘Cellulite Buster’ Massage Therapy (Firm/Deep)

The degree of cellulite reduction, which occurs during anti cellulite massage therapy is genuinely incredible.  If the remedy is carried out properly (while using correct technique and massaging), results could be visible in 2-3 weeks.


The Key reason why massage Therapy happens to be so powerful is due to its 3-level impact.  Firstly, it literally breaks apart cellulite deposits as a result of extreme pressure.  Secondly, circulation and blood flow all through the region is substantially boosted.  Thirdly, massive enhancements and repairs are made on the body’s lymphatic drainage system.  This system is in charge of hauling away waste by-products from the skin and eventually out of your body.


These three basic adjustments are key if you want your skin looking soft and smooth and “orange peel” free. Within Aurora we use a specifically blended anti cellulite oil and firming and contour cream and body brushing.


  • Full Body 1hr - £35 (Includes legs, stomach and arms)

  • Half Body 30mins - £25 (Includes legs, stomach or arms)


Breathe Easy Facial (For blocked Sinuses)

This refreshing facial helps unblock the sinuses and congestion that is built up in the chest and face. Includes reflexology.


  • £40 (1hr)


Tension Relief Facial (For Tension Headaches)

Designed for clients who suffer from tension headaches.  Your feet are soaked in a heated spa whilst pressing on pressure points on shoulders, face and scalp to relieve these tension areas followed by a relaxing facial.


  • £40 (1hr)