Aurora Coaching

Our holistic coaching model has evolved into its present form over the past three decades, it was created & designed by Jean Shaw.  


It not only helps you find different ways of dealing with the challenges that you may be facing right now, it encourages  you to live your best life.  

Through personal experience Jean recognised Mind, Body and Spirit are interdependent, research has also shown that nourishing all three not only lowers stress, lifts mood and improves relationships but can also protect your health. It is important to create balance in your life by nurturing your whole person.

When Jean was going through treatment for breast cancer, she thought it  would help her to go over the key techniques she had gathered or developed over the years, she used them to help her cope, to build energy and connect with her inner strength. 

These keys were so beneficial for Jean: following her cancer treatment she had a stroke and they allowed Jean to maintain her positive approach and as part of her healing they helped her focus on her present potential rather than any limitations .


From this challenging period Jean was inspired to create NEW interactive coaching workshops and she is now in the process of creating a coaching manual that anyone can use to feel empowered.